Egypt Plans to Build Second NPP on Mediterranean Coast

26 Nov 24 Nov, 2016

[signinlocker]Egypt will carry out research to choose a site on the Mediterranean coast for the construction of the nuclear power plant. The research will be conducted by Egypt’s Nuclear Power Plants Authority (NPPA) and the Worley Parsons consulting company in al-Nagil area in the Matrouh province, Al Bursa newspaper reported citing its sources. The preliminary results confirmed that the area is suitable for construction of a nuclear power plant with two 1,400-MW power units. The project reportedly may cost up to $14 billion. The research works would take two years. The NPPA will reportedly use this time to reach an agreement with the Matrouh province’s authorities to secure a plot of land of about 30 square kilometers for the plant’s construction. The construction works are to start only after Egypt’s first nuclear power plant would be built in Babaa. Companies from China, France and South Korea have already expressed interest in the second Egyptian nuclear power plant project.[/signinlocker]

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