Gay Lea spending $60 million to upgrade Teeswater plant

21 Nov 16 Nov, 2016

Gay Lea Foods plans to spend $60 million to upgrade its processing plant in Teeswater which will take two years to complete. The project will involve the installation of a new, state-of-the-art milk dryer. The co-operative has already begun ordering equipment for the upgrade, with actual construction expected to begin in the spring. Most of the work will be done within the existing footprint of the Teeswater plant. The work will nearly double the capacity of the plant. The Teeswater project is the first phase of the co-operative’s plan to invest $140 million over four years to “establish an innovative nutrition and nutraceutical-grade dairy ingredients hub in Canada.” Phase 1 also includes spending $3 million to build a research and development “Centre of Excellence” in Hamilton. The co-operative’s Toronto-area food manufacturing facilities will also be upgraded and expanded as part of Phase 1.

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