Glanbia, DFA, MMPA and Foremost Farms intend to build new cheese and whey facility in US

1 Feb 30 Jan, 2017

Glanbia, Dairy Farmers of America, (DFA) Michigan Milk Producers Association (MMPA) and Foremost Farms are in advanced discussions for creating a JV to establish a new cheese and whey production facility in Michigan, US. The new facility is expected to process nearly 3.6 million litres of milk a day after commencing its commercial operations. According to the proposed terms, 50% of the JV ownership will be held by Glanbia and the remaining 50% ownership will be shared between DFA, MMPA and Foremost Farms. As part of the proposed joint venture, DFA, MMPA and Foremost Farms will be supplying the required milk to the plant, and Glanbia will be responsible for all commercial, technical and operational aspects of the business. The new facility will be commissioned in the second half of 2019, if the project proceeds as planned.

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