Greek Public Power Corporation to build 12 wind power parks

19 Nov 15 Nov, 2016

Greek Public Power Corporation Renewables, a subsidiary of PPC, plans to build 12 new wind power parks with a total power of 31.8 MW in Sitia (Crete), Evia and Aegean islands, Greece. The company has placed in public consultation a tender plan to build the wind power parks before officially launching the tenders. The projects envisage the installation and operation of 11 wind power parks, with a total power of 24.3 MW in Marmari (Evia) 5.4 MW, Perdiki (Ikaria) 0.9 MW, Aghios Ioannis (Karpathos) 0.9 MW, Sigri (Lesvos) 2.7 MW, Vigla (Limnos) 0.9 MW, Lakakia (Samos) 1.8 MW, Melanios (Chios) 2.7 MW, Profitis Ilias (Psara) 1.8 MW, Potamia (Chios) 0.9 MW, Tigani (Mykonos) 1.8 MW and Mamados (Tinos) 4.5 MW. Also, the installation and operation of a windpower park with a total power of 7.5 MW in Palaeopyrgos-Perdikies Sitia (Crete).

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