Howard Energy Partners To Expand Deep-Water Terminal In Port Arthur, Texas

26 Feb 23 Feb, 2017

Howard Midstream Energy Partners LLC (HEP) has executed a long-term Terminal Services Agreement (TSA) with a third-party shipper and plans to significantly expand its bulk liquids terminal facility in Port Arthur, Texas. Under the TSA, HEP will construct or install more than 15 new tanks adding more than 1 million barrels of storage for a variety of products, and construct new marine facilities for both blue water and inland marine vessels. Additionally, the company plans to construct a pipeline system to transport products between the HEP’s Port Arthur facilities and other third-party supply points. Permitting for the development of the Port Arthur Terminal began in the first quarter of 2016; final engineering of the facilities and pipelines is underway and construction is expected to begin in March. The facility is projected to take 18 months to construct and operations are expected to begin in 2018.

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