Nigeria, U.S. firms sign N241.6m solar energy MoU to power 25 communities

16 Feb 14 Feb, 2017

Community Energy Social Enterprises (CESEL) has signed about N241.6 million MoU with Renewvia Energy Corporation. The MoU is for development of solar microgrids in 25 communities in Bayelsa, Ondo, Ogun, and Osun. Renewvia will install and operate microgrid systems with solar photovoltaic  generation capacity and battery storage in 25 communities in Nigeria. The design of the microgrids for the project will include PV panels, string inverters, aluminum racking and energy storage backup power. The U.S. Trade and Development Agency will provide grant funding support to CESEL for feasibility study that will access the rollout of 25 solar microgrids in rural and peri-urban communities across Nigeria.

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