Recorder of New Projects Premium

9 Dec

Recorder of New Projects Premium is a weekly bulletin available in PDF and Excel format. This bulletin provides researched information on new projects covering various industrial sectors such as Automobile, Cement, Chemical, Drugs and Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Food processing, Hotel, Hospital, Metallurgical, Mining, Power and many more.

Project tracker provides information on the progress on various industrial projects published in the previous bulletins.

Contact details are available.

Industry and Industrial projects related News Snippets provided.

Published: Weekly

  • New projects information
  • 25 Industrial sectors
  • Weekly bulletin
  • 350 to 400 New Projects every month
  • News/Tender snippets & Orders bagged
  • Contact Addresses
  • No. of Issues: 52
  • Annual Subscription in Excel+PDF Mode: Rs. 6,450/-
  • Annual Subscription in PDF Mode: Rs. 5,250/-

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