Recorder of New Projects

9 Dec

Recorder of New Projects is published fortnightly. The bulletin is available in Print, PDF and Excel format and includes researched information with contact details on upcoming projects such as sugar, Textile, Engineering, processed food, Hospitality, Iron and steel, mining, energy and various other industrial sectors.

Published: Fortnightly

  • Contains new project information across 25 Industrial sectors.
  • Fortnightly bulletin published on 1st and 15th of every month.
  • Around 140 to 160 New Projects every month
  • Provides information on projects in planning stage, under implementation stage, recently commissioned and completed projects.
  • No. of Issues: 24
  • Annual Subscription in Excel(by email) + Print(by courier) Mode: 3,750/-
  • Annual Subscription in Pdf(by email) + Print(by courier) Mode: 3,600/-
  • Annual Subscription in Print(by courier) Mode: 3,300/-
  • Annual Subscription in PDF Mode: 3,300/-
  • Annual Subscription in Excel Mode: 3,500/-

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