Wheatland Regional Corporation breaks ground on regional water

21 Nov

strathmorestandard.com 16 Nov, 2016

A ground-breaking ceremony was held in the Village of Standard’s water treatment plant on November 9, to help signify the forward motion of the Wheatland Regional Corporation’s regional waterline. Close to 90 per cent of this project is being funded through two levels of government. Residents of Gleichen will be the first to receive the water in 2017. The first stage involves the development of a new raw water storage reservoir that will be constructed on 25 acres of land that is leased from the Western Irrigation District. There will also be a few upgrades to the water treatment plant at Standard and a treated water line that runs from Standard to Gleichen. Afterwards the old water treatment plant at Gleichen will be decommissioned. Kidco Construction is starting work on the raw water reservoir site. K-line Maintenance and Construction has been contracted to build the pipelines to Gleichen. The mechanical and electrical work is being tendered right now. Phase 1 will be completed in 2017. Phase two is slated to be completed in March 2018. The end of stage two will see the decommissioning of the water treatment plant at Rockyford.

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