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Recorder of New Projects Premium

Recorder of New Projects Premium bulletin provides researched information on new projects covering various industrial sectors such as Automobile, Cement, Chemical, Drugs and Pharmaceutical, Engineering, Food processing, Hotel, Hospital, Metallurgical, Mining, Power and many more.

Project tracker provides information on the progress on various industrial projects published in the previous bulletins.

Contact details are available.

Industry and Industrial projects related News Snippets provided.

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power projects, power generation projects

New Power Generation Projects

Power Generation Bulletin covers information on thermal, hydro electric, wind, solar, bagasse power generation projects including power transmission and distribution coming up in India.

Power project tracker is also available. This section provides information on the progress on various power projects published in the previous bulletins.

Beside researched information on projects, we provide contact details of promoter. The contractor consultant names and address are published wherever possible.

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New Infrastructure Projects, Infrastructure Projects

New Infrastructure Projects

Project bulletin provides information on upcoming projects related to Roads & Highways, Bridges, Ports & Harbour, Water supply , Sewage Treatment , Housing and Real Estate, Hospital, Hotels, Retail store, Railways, Educational Institute, Commercial Complex etc.

Also contains news snippets related to Infrastructure sector.

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engineering, Mining, Metallurgical

New Engineering, Mining & Metallurgical Projects

The e bulletin includes project leads on Iron and steel, ferrous and non-ferrous products, coal washery, foundries, coal, ferrous & non ferrous mining as well as mineral mining. The bulletin also leads on engineering projects. The bulletin has Engineering, Mining & Metallurgical Projects Project tracker .

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Chemical Process Industries Projects, Chemical Projects in India

New Chemical Process Industries Projects

The Bulletin provides upcoming project leads covering sectors such as Industrial Chemicals, Drugs And Pharmaceutical, Alcoholic And Non Alcoholic Beverages, distillery, Dyes, Paints & Varnish, Cement, Ceramic , Glass, Agriculture Chemicals and Fertilizers, Textile & Paper, Edible Oils, Petrochemical , Water Treatment and many more…

Also contains news snippets related to chemical processing sectors.

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Karnataka, Kerala, Andhra Pradesh,Tamilnadu

New Projects in Southern India

Bulletin covers leads of Industrial projects coming in Southern India such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. The bulletin covers 25 industrial sectors.

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Chhattisgarh State Projects, Goa, Maharashtra, Rajasthan

New Projects in Western India

The New Projects in Western Region an e-bulletin provides information on Industrial projects coming up the state of Maharashtra, Goa, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat etc.

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Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand,Punjab

New Projects in Northern India

Bulletin covers Industrial projects information that are coming in Northern India such as Delhi, Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and J&K. The bulletin is available in excel and PDF. The e-bulletin includes news and tender snippets.

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West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Manipur,odisha

New projects in Eastern India

This bulletin includes information on new industrial projects in planning or implementation stage also recently commissioned / completed in the eastern and north eastern states of India such as West Bengal, Bihar, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram etc .

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hospitality industry, hotel management project

New Projects in Hospitality Sector

New Projects in Hospitality bulletin provides information on upcoming Hotel ,Motal,Restorant,Spa.

The bulletin includes Hotel, Motal,Restorant,Spa and commercial related News Snippets.

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retail industry, retail sector

New Projects in Hospitality and Retail Sectors

New Projects in Hospitality and Retail bulletin provides information on upcoming Hotel, Hospital, Retails stores, malls & multiplexes and commercial projects.

The includes Hotel, Hospital, Retails stores, Malls & Multiplexes and commercial related News Snippets.

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food and beverage industry, food and beverage sector

Food & Beverage Sector

The bulletin provides leads on upcoming projects of food and beverage sectors such as sugar, dairy products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages processed and packaged food, edible oils, and food / spice parks.

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india new projects,upcoming projects, new projects

Recorder of New Projects

Recorder of New Projects is published fortnightly. The bulletin is available in Print format and includes researched information with contact details on upcoming projects such as sugar, Textile, Engineering, processed food, Hospitality, Iron and steel, mining, energy and various other industrial sectors.

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Sales & Marketing Tools

Online Sales Skills Tests

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Quotation Software

Engquote the quotation management software helps the organization/ Companies by eliminating manual errors and improving quote accuracy, eliminating billing errors/discrepancies thereby establishing a smooth flow process from sales quote to approved order to timely invoicing and payments. Engquote enhances the management of quotations, orders and billing process by integrating the sales, billing and finance departments thus accelerating the sales cycle and having an edge on competitors.

The software has features to keep track of pending quotations, invoices, orders received, lost orders, declined orders/ quotes. The software helps in generating quotation of multiple products with multiple specifications.

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Sales Tracking Software

Domex’s Sales Leads Tracker is a comprehensive software tool developed exclusively to cater to all the needs of a Sales Team. The software helps the sales personnel to manage leads, follow-ups and achieve sales closures efficienciently throughout the entire sales cycle.

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